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Petone Working Men’s Club

2_half star rating 11 reviews

Telephone 06 568 5404

47 Udy St
Lower Hutt City

Family, Buffet, Bar Food, Gastro Pub Food
Campbell Tce Bistro
Mon-Thurs 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm
Fri-Sun 11am - 9pm

Kensington Restaurant
Wed - Sun 5.30pm - 9pm
Provided by business


Come to Petone Working Men’s Club for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. LIVE Bands, TAB, Gaming Machines, SKY TV, Sports Adjuncts, Internet Access and great deals on food and drinks are some of the many reasons to come and join NZ most progressive club. So what are you waiting for? Come join PWMC today and experience it for yourself. Members, members guests and affiliated members most welcome.


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Reviews for Petone Working Men’s Club

1 star rating
by Sarah S.
16th June 2014

I had dinner in the restaurant upstairs and the salads were tasteless, the meat was undercooked and dripping in gravy, the vegetables were deep fried. My partner made a cheeky quip to one of the staff members and the staff member overreacted to the point they got the duty manager involved and the staff member lied through their teeth. I won’t go back their again as they have no customer service.

3 star rating
by Mike E.
16th March 2014

Had tea there last night, was fantastic, as always. Nice, friendly staff and the food was almost perfect. Unfortunately lost a star due to the really thin fish fillets inside the batter.

1 star rating
by Delia L.
26th December 2013

The meal in the Kensington Room for Christmas lunch was very bad in my opinion, and I have eaten all over for the world, but with thanks to management of the club this has been resolved a refund was given.

The food in the bistro downstairs has always been and still is very very good.

5 star rating
by Honey H.
25th November 2013

Love it here, great value for money and delicious meals. We go here quite often and the staff are friendly and the ambiance is always positive with the live shows and what not. Great place for family get-togethers or work-dos. Will definitely be back! Soon!

1 star rating
by Carolyn B.
22nd November 2013

Went to the upstairs restaurant of the PWC earlier this year. It was disgusting. At 12 noon, they hadn’t got any hot food, it was all sitting there cold, the chef had forgotten to turn the power on!!! Well, he needn’t have bothered, he was just heating up a load rubbish, been better off with a tin of cat food. The salad bar was dirty, it had all old salad everywhere. We had to ask for cloths to wipe the seats down that were stuck up with jelly and the desserts I wouldn’t have fed to a passing horse!! They sure need Gordon Ramsey.

1 star rating
by Sheree F.
29th September 2013

We had dinner at the buffet restaurant tonight. It was disgusting, the food was substandard and it obviously needs someone with experience to manage the place.
The cue of people was backed up to the door (everyone was booked in). It took 15 mins to get to the hot food and then you had to wait while they deep fried chips and mini samosa’s and fish bites, no healthy option here, the only veg were huge pieces of boiled pumpkin. We had to wait another 10 mins to get the only meat an gravy they had, they had no other meat or chicken. The salads were bland, you could get a better meal at a up market fish and chip shop.
I have never experienced such crap unhealthy food.

2 star rating
by Chris
16th June 2013

We have been going to the PTC for many years and been happy with the food at the bistro and buffet. The last 2 times the food at the buffet hasn’t been good. Both times we have taken friends from out of town and been embarrassed. Last night the selection was poor with cut up sausages, brown lettuce, soggy spinach, awful tasting pasta salad, and greasy mince no one was game to touch. Stewed apples were in the desert bar and other unappealing bowls of stuff.

The beef, sea food salad and carrot cake were the only things any of us would have eaten more of.

Staff were taking our plates away before we finished our food.

We won’t be going back to the buffet again. Sad as it could be a lovely place to take friends.

The down stairs food and menu is wonderful and will continue to go there.

1 star rating
by Tansy B.
5th March 2013

Two weeks ago I visited the Petone Working Men’s Club, initially my impression was favourable and my partner and I ordered dinner and drinks, while my partner was away from the table I was approached by a security guard in full uniform, he abruptly told me to go to the smoking area!…. For my health I’ve had to give up smoking and to do this I utilise an electronic ‘vape’, it’s shaped like a cigarette but there’s absolutely no smoke! I found this easier than patches or nicotine gum.
When I pointed this out and showed him that there was no smoke or smell or any kind of harmful substance emitted and also told him that even on planes I’ve been allowed to use my ‘E Vape’ he became unpleasant and demeaningly pointed out that this wasn’t a plane ‘dear’. The duty manager hurried over also to give support to his large security guard against a lone small woman and insisted I went to the smoking area to breath in poisonous fumes while I was giving up smoking with my E Vape artificial cigarette!
My partner returned and tried to reason with this maniac kind of logic but in vain, so really I don’t believe what they advertise in the blurb for the club, it is not the most progressive club around, it’s stuck in the dark ages and really ought to rethink their policies, a very unpleasant night!

4 star rating
by Misty
14th March 2012

I have been a member of the PWMC for 9 year and eaten at the bistro and the restaurant often. The bistro and the restaurant have a variety of things to suit all taste. Both have good service and tasty dishes at affordable prices.

5 star rating
by Sally A.
29th November 2011

Visited: Sept 2011
We’ve been a couple of times, as we are members of the club. And the restaurant upstairs is awesome. I think it was about $21 per person, but it is a buffet style meal, and you can keep going back for more.

There is a section for starters, and a section for main and a section for desserts. And you just go and get what you want and go back to your table.

I had garlic mushrooms for starters, then I had a carvery style meal with sliced beef, carrots, green beans, kumara and pumpkin and potatoes, with gravy. It was so tasty my mouth is actually watering thinking about it.
The staff are so friendly and go out of their way to help you.
Me and my husband agree that it is the best food around, in a great calm atmosphere. We are proud to be members of a great club!
I would recommend it to anyone, especially people with small children.

4 star rating
by Fizzy B.
16th September 2011

We’ve been looking for a place that the kids would find exciting for special occasions, and that the adults would also find pleasant, and that we could afford to take the whole gang to. After thinking about the previous favourite of the kids, which the adults tolerated but were not that keen on, we worked out it was the self-serve salad boat that got them going.

So then I remembered we’d been recommended the buffet at the Petone Working Men’s Club, and booked for my son’s birthday there.

Well, we’ll be going back. For a buffet, it had a good range of food, nicely done, and the place itself was clean and pleasant (in buffet dining hall style), with friendly, helpful staff.

The food I guess was more or less what you’d expect, but done better than you’d expect. I also noticed that they were constantly getting rid of anything that had sat there too long and replenishing it, which I guess is how they avoided that dried-out bain-marie effect you can get in places like this.

The kids were beside themselves at getting to choose not just salads but everything, and the array of backlit jellies at the dessert area was something to behold.

Plus it’s affordable! I think it was $21 per adult for non-members, and $1.20 per year of age for kids. On Sundays it’s $16 per non-member adult, and kids are free! We are definitely going back on a Sunday.

PS I would have been put off by the promises of giant sports screens in the description above … but these were not in the restaurant. I think they’re in the members’ bar area.

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